Friday, March 10, 2017

Designer Day! week 7

Normally on Designer Day I post about handmade items such as clothing, accessories and even plushies. Today is a bit different. 

Today we are presenting handmade artwork: paintings!

DEBRA ENGELBRECHTS via Give A Yarn Crafts!

 Handpainted with oils!

Debra Englebrechts' work is amazing! From colored pencils to oils, the fine strokes and amazing finishes bring life to any room it's found!

Debra finds much of her inspiration in nature. Many of her prints can be found on cards and she has also hand-painted many scenes onto greeting cards!

Her work ranges approximately $45 to $160+ depending on the style and size of the artwork and much of her work includes FREE U.S. shipping!


Be it Winter or Spring, Debra's artwork is available throughout ALL the seasons! Debra's beautiful artwork can be purchased either via Gypsy Spoonful OR on Facebook!

Contact:  Give A Yarn Crafts

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