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A Tale As Old As Time, A Song As Old As Rhyme and Beauty and the Beast TRIVIA

Gypsy Spoonful has been excitedly watching and waiting for the arrival of the 2017 release of the new Beauty and the Beast movie! Arriving in theaters March 17th, we've got some pretty cool themed offerings in our marketplace. We invite you to take a peek and see all the mouth watering, drool worthy items we have offered around this big moment! It's always fun to dress up the littles, or get something special for yourself to tie in with such a big movie release. Many little girls will no-doubtedly have Beauty & The Beast themed birthday parties this year too! A multitude of people consider THIS tale their favorite~the timeless love story of the ages, we'd like to test your knowledge of Beauty and the Beast while also sharing our featured items with this theme. We hope you enjoy!  The independent makers of the Gypsy Spoonful collective are proud to present...

This pretty little cross body bag by BagLadyAmI can be found: HERE
Small but not too small. The generous back pocket is perfect for cell phone, iPod, camera and/or passport when traveling. Main compartment easily accommodates wallet and checkbook. Nice long shoulder strap allows you to wear it across , which is a great look that's comfortable and convenient. Crafted with high quality fabrics and heavy durable lining fabric. A fabulous gift to yourself or someone special that will be used and appreciated. 

TRIVIA Question:
Question: When the Beast is watching Belle play in the snow with the dog, he says he wants to do something for her. Cogsworth then says, "Well there's the usual things, flowers, a box of chocolates..." What was the last thing he suggested?

Answer: "Promises you don't intend to keep"
Cogsworth was talking about gifts that are often given as a thank you or as a gift for someone you love. Lumiere felt that it should be more personal and then the Beast gives Belle the library.

This adorable Beauty & The Beast bow pair by Bows By T are
approximately 4" wide, and is made in grosgrain ribbons perfect for your sweet little princess.  The main ribbon color is a yellow gold, with a pretty accents of red and metallic gold. Take a peek by looking HERE

When Wonderfully Whimsical created this awesome diaper bag, she thought of everything! There is an exterior pocket on the front of the bag as well as the 2 roomy split pockets on the inside of this bag. It is perfect for storing diapers, maps, small toys and anything else you might need to bring with you while traveling with your baby or small children. See all the details HERE

Wonderfully Whimsical also has this clutch listed in the Gypsy Spoonful marketplace., the prefect accompaniment to this diaper bag!

TRIVIA Question:
In what country is the film set?
Answer: France

as if it couldn't get any cuter, take a look at this big bow dress from That's So Addie! Perfect for a party for that little Beauty & the Beast fangirl! There are so many adorable details!
See it HERE
(the bows included above would be such a perfect match to this dress!)

If Belle is her favorite princess, then this little handy dandy freeze pop/frozen yogurt holder will keep her little fingers from being too cold, IN STYLE!
Great as a party favor too!

They're from Firefly Threads and you can order or take a look at the details HERE
She's also offering these FUN dress up masks! The perfect gift idea. Click HERE for the masks

TRIVIA Question:
What is the name of the piccolo?
Answer: Fife
Fife is the piccolo that works for Forte. He starts out working for Forte, but finds out that he was wrong to work for him. He is a very funny character who ends up getting into trouble. He only tries to break up Beast and Belle because Forte promises him a solo.

Beauty & The Beast themed mouse ears are the IDEAL accessory for that little one! WeLuvDizne specializes in all things for that magical vacation, cruise or experience!

OR treat yourself to these fun ears for the movie premiere! They're embroidered to perfection,
Click HERE to go the listing now. She's also offering this Belle themed Rose crown too! Isn't it darling?! Click here for this one

TRIVIA Question:
What was Belle's father building?

Answer: an invention for a contest
Belle watches her father building his invention and wonders if they are odd, as the townspeople seem to think.

Goosie Girl has this ready to ship, one of a kind feathery fascinator featuring the princess of the hour, click HERE to take a look at the marketplace listing
 If she wants to represent ALL the princesses including Belle, this sweet A-line dress is just the ticket. Simple, and soooo pretty in this precious princess fabric from That's So Addie
I love this style so much! The princess "drawings" on the fabric are just the right accent.
Click HERE to go see it now

Layla and Stitch is offering this Princess Dress, perfect for a party or to show her love for Belle!
It can be custom made in size 12m-8 girls!

TRIVIA Question:
What do Belle and Beast make in the snow?

Answer: Snow Angels
Belle makes a snow angel, but Beast makes a snow beast. Beast then becomes upset and storms off leaving Belle outside.

If she's not a dress type of girl, these fun and funky princess deco jeans are the ideal solution
They're also from That's So Addie. I love the Emoji style on these.

Click to see sizing and all the other wonderful details

TRIVIA Question: 
What is the name of the feather duster?

Answer: Babette
Babette is Lumiere's "girlfriend".

We have an impeccably made curved wristlet from Bag Lady Am I in this new, fun fabric featuring the most adored Princesses. The details on this one are perfect. No detail has been overlooked. Take a peek at it by clicking HERE

TRIVIA Question:
Which song is not in the Original Broadway Cast Recording of "Disney's Beauty And The Beast, The Broadway Musical"?

Answer: A Change In Me
"A Change In Me" is included in the sheet music.

Gypsy Spoonful hopes you enjoyed our little trivia challenge! Stay tuned to the Gypsy Spoonful blog for more fun, don't forget to subscribe to our blog! You can also find us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook at these links:

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