Monday, December 26, 2016

Occasion Cards

Handmade Birthday and Wedding Cards!

Winter Birthdays and's hard enough remembering to bring more than 1 gift and most often you quickly sign a small piece of paper in lieu of a card. Or in this tech age where it's easily and readily available to send a digital card via a simple click of the are often left out of the equation. 

What happened to the times of when receiving mail with your name on it written from a friend across the continent was the most exciting time of your day? Simpler times. 

You spend hours in a card store searching for the PERFECT Birthday card- a card that speaks to you and what you're style or the style of your loved one.

Why continue to spend that time searching for a card that most other people will receive as well?  Spending $10 for ONE card...ONE?!  

Well...GIVE A YARN on Gypsy Spoonful can help with that! They make and sell handmade cards (they also make and sell crochet items!)! How COOL is that?!

 Each card color coordination is different, so even if you have 5 birthdays in the same month, the card is not the same!  The inside is left blank on one side with the other reading the traditional HAPPY BIRTHDAY- which leaves you with enough space to write what YOU TRULY THINK AND FEEL!!! 

For a handmade set of 5 cost is only $10. (Shipping in U.S. is $3)  or spend the total $13 on ONE dime-a-dozen Hallmark or Walmart card.

Do you have a Winter Wonderland Wedding to attend? Give A Yarn also provides cards for that occasion as well! It's great for placement with weddings gifts or anniversary gifts!

Cost: $3 (includes shipping and handling)

Love the idea of giving a handmade card? Pair it with a handmade gift! Shop HANDMADE!

Card Designer:  Give A Yarn
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