Thursday, December 22, 2016

Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Birthday AND Merry Christmas?!

Ho Ho NO!

I decided to wait a few days to make this blog post. Why? Because it's MY BIRTHDAY! and in honor of those who have birthdays that compete against major holidays (such as Christmas), I am posting some pretty awesomely cool stuff from the designers I have found that would make great Birthday Gifts!

*Hand Stamped Personalized Kids Name Necklace* from Delena Ciastko Designs

Growing up sharing a Birthday so close to Xmas was a bummer. You usually got a combined gift with a combined card that read, "Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!". What gives? Just because you are a summer or spring baby doesn't make your birthday any more important than mine. These necklaces are double cool if you also have a unique name! Unique as in- you will never ever find it in the gift shop on a keychain tag during a school field trip- kind of unique.

However, Delena delivers a special take on "personalized necklaces"! Each name and/or phrase (she gives a 35 character limit), is hand stamped with love! It makes the possibilities endless. Delena also includes in the necklace:  Swarovski birthstones and 24" sterling chain!

Even though the title is classified as "Kid's Necklace", You can easily take it and put it onto an already owned wristlet as Charm, or onto a chain you haven't used in ages bc you were you searching for, "that special accent".

For someone who has to compete with Christmas, this is a gift that would make me feel special and unique, and allow me to feel that I stand out. No more Merry Christmas AND Happy Birthday!

And if you have a budget...this tops it off! It's ONLY $24.99!!!! With shipping being $4 this is a gift that would fall under the $30 limit range!

So go support a small business!

Merry Christmas!

If interested in ordering from Delena here is her contact information:

Delena Ciastko

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