Monday, December 26, 2016

Occasion Cards

Handmade Birthday and Wedding Cards!

Winter Birthdays and's hard enough remembering to bring more than 1 gift and most often you quickly sign a small piece of paper in lieu of a card. Or in this tech age where it's easily and readily available to send a digital card via a simple click of the are often left out of the equation. 

What happened to the times of when receiving mail with your name on it written from a friend across the continent was the most exciting time of your day? Simpler times. 

You spend hours in a card store searching for the PERFECT Birthday card- a card that speaks to you and what you're style or the style of your loved one.

Why continue to spend that time searching for a card that most other people will receive as well?  Spending $10 for ONE card...ONE?!  

Well...GIVE A YARN on Gypsy Spoonful can help with that! They make and sell handmade cards (they also make and sell crochet items!)! How COOL is that?!

 Each card color coordination is different, so even if you have 5 birthdays in the same month, the card is not the same!  The inside is left blank on one side with the other reading the traditional HAPPY BIRTHDAY- which leaves you with enough space to write what YOU TRULY THINK AND FEEL!!! 

For a handmade set of 5 cost is only $10. (Shipping in U.S. is $3)  or spend the total $13 on ONE dime-a-dozen Hallmark or Walmart card.

Do you have a Winter Wonderland Wedding to attend? Give A Yarn also provides cards for that occasion as well! It's great for placement with weddings gifts or anniversary gifts!

Cost: $3 (includes shipping and handling)

Love the idea of giving a handmade card? Pair it with a handmade gift! Shop HANDMADE!

Card Designer:  Give A Yarn
Designer Email:

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Birthday AND Merry Christmas?!

Ho Ho NO!

I decided to wait a few days to make this blog post. Why? Because it's MY BIRTHDAY! and in honor of those who have birthdays that compete against major holidays (such as Christmas), I am posting some pretty awesomely cool stuff from the designers I have found that would make great Birthday Gifts!

*Hand Stamped Personalized Kids Name Necklace* from Delena Ciastko Designs

Growing up sharing a Birthday so close to Xmas was a bummer. You usually got a combined gift with a combined card that read, "Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!". What gives? Just because you are a summer or spring baby doesn't make your birthday any more important than mine. These necklaces are double cool if you also have a unique name! Unique as in- you will never ever find it in the gift shop on a keychain tag during a school field trip- kind of unique.

However, Delena delivers a special take on "personalized necklaces"! Each name and/or phrase (she gives a 35 character limit), is hand stamped with love! It makes the possibilities endless. Delena also includes in the necklace:  Swarovski birthstones and 24" sterling chain!

Even though the title is classified as "Kid's Necklace", You can easily take it and put it onto an already owned wristlet as Charm, or onto a chain you haven't used in ages bc you were you searching for, "that special accent".

For someone who has to compete with Christmas, this is a gift that would make me feel special and unique, and allow me to feel that I stand out. No more Merry Christmas AND Happy Birthday!

And if you have a budget...this tops it off! It's ONLY $24.99!!!! With shipping being $4 this is a gift that would fall under the $30 limit range!

So go support a small business!

Merry Christmas!

If interested in ordering from Delena here is her contact information:

Delena Ciastko

Sunday, December 11, 2016

12 Days of Christmas: Meet the Makers: That's So Addie

In our 12 days of Christmas blog series, we are getting to know the core members of Gypsy Spoonful (those that have been with us since the beginning). We'd like to introduce you to a fantastic designer, one who brings so much to the table of Gypsy Spoonful!

1.When did you "open your doors"?
  • 2005

  • 2. How did you get you decide on your name? 
  • My daughter's name is Adalyn. I started creating because I wanted all the pretties
  •  for her when she was born. That's So Addie is a product of that. 
  •  I would sew something super cute or over the top and say
  • ....ahhhh, that's soooooo Addie

  • 3. What is your process when creating, do you have it all mapped out?
  • Or do you like to fly by the seat of your pants?
  • I don't have as much time to create different items & new styles as I would like.
  • I have found a niche of what sells and tend to stick with a base of about 5 different styles but using different fabrics or putting a small spin on them.
  • So, I guess I am more of a mapped out seat of my pants girl.

  • 4.What crafting medium /technique would you like to explore that
  • you haven't had time to?
  • I would LOVE to learn to crochet. My grandma tried to teach me when I was
  •  young but she gave up on me. She was one of those straight shooter kind of ladies.
  •  She just flat out told me I wasn't going to figure it out. She has been gone for 
  • over 12 years, but I wish I had learned to crochet before she passed away just 
  • so I could have been like "Look Grandma! I did figure it out!!!" 
  •  And stick my tongue out at her. One of these

  • 5. Where do you find most of your online sales?
  • How long have you been there?
  •  I have been the most successful through Etsy. I have been there since 2009.  
  • I was on ebay before that. I use facebook to direct sellers to my online venues.
  •  I haven't had a ton of luck selling directly on facebook for years.

6. What do you like most about where you sell? Least?
I like the exposure. I like that I have many repeat customers who know where to find me.

 I like that most people know etsy as a household name now. I do not like that 
I have to compete with overseas manufacturers who can underprice me
 and cheapen the market.  

7. What are you hoping to find here at GypsySpoonful?
I am excited for a new venue with the homegrown ideas of handmade like we all love.
 I love the idea of inspiring a nation that to make our country thrive, 
we need to go back to the bare bones and start supporting the little guy. 
 We have lost sight of community over the years and I am excited for that too.

8. Where do you see your business next year?
 I am actually pretty happy with how my business is going. I am just the right
 amount of busy to keep me out of trouble but not so much that I feel like 
I need employees. Ultimately, I would like to expand my business into more
 venues (locally & build up through Gypsy Spoonful) but 
I am kind of in a happy little lull right now. 

  9. Tell me one great Customer Experience you've had,and one awful one. What did you learn from the awful one?
One of my favorite customer experiences was sewing 28 Grinch dresses for a dance team going to Bermuda to perform in a Christmas parade. (I guess that wasn't really a customer but an experience) I can't remember any awful ones. I have pretty good crazy radar so if I start to sense a customer is going to be a whackjob, I totally will tell them I am unable to complete their order. If they have already paid, I will refund them immediately and tell them I am sorry and let it go. Life is too short to let awful people take up space in your world.

10. What's the one thing you wish people knew about online selling of handmade items?
I wish people knew how much work and behind the scenes heart & soul go into each product we make--from designing to choosing the perfect mix of fabrics, to making it and trying to present it well with photos. It is also really hard to portray your quality online. No matter how amazing your photos are, nobody can turn it wrong side out and really look at your seams or at your stitching. One of the most common compliments I get after someone orders is how impressed they are with my workmanship. Like they expected crap work and are surprised? Another thing I wish fellow designers knew is that you have to bust your butt. I think a lot of people don't realize you have to be out there constantly. You can't give up or just pop in & out of venues. It's like having a brick & mortar storefront. If you don't have regular hours where people can count on you being open, it doesn't take long for people to not bother stopping in to shop. Be ever present, even if you are slammed or on vacation. Always have your shop on the radar, even if it is only stocked with a couple things.

Click HERE to see all of That's So Addie's GORGEOUS items available on Gypsy Spoonful! 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

An invitation to Gypsy Spoonful

A little bit about Gypsy Spoonful: Gypsy Spoonful is a site dedicated exclusively to handmade products~we are the only site like this of it's kind.

You will find nothing mass produced or imported in our maker's listings. They may source supplies and materials from various places, but their finished products are made with their own two hands.

The quality of a handmade item can not be surpassed when comparing mass produced products to them. The love, sweat and workmanship that goes into each and every item offered on the Gypsy Spoonful site is incredible. The dedication our maker's have to each of their small businesses is what sets us apart. You will find totally unique items in the shops located at Gypsy Spoonful that you will not find in the mall, big box stores or chain stores.
Each item is designed with forethought, attention to detail and is almost as if a piece of that maker's soul goes into it.

I am the leader of this band of creatives, and I take great pride in that! I'm Heather (most people call me "Goose" ) and I own Goosie Girl. I've been in business for about 12 years. Over that time, I've learned so much about marketing, selling and developing an independent small business with a focus on handmade items. I've designed for a multitude of a-list celebrities~ my designs have been featured on fashion runways, at awards shows, on television, in magazines and on blogs. My experience in helping others grow their businesses has sort-of piggy backed onto my handmade business and that is why I wanted to provide a venue that was strictly HANDMADE.
I was disappointed in another venue (which will remain nameless) when they began allowing mass produced, and imported items on their site. There is no way our small businesses can compete with counterfeit handmade items being produced at a rapid rate in factories, and especially those overseas where their currency is manipulated and their workers are only interested in quantity and not quality. I wanted to provide a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD for all of my creative friends where our items did not have to compete next to imitation items for WAY less than ours.

We are currently using a blog format to sell our items, and we've been open for almost 8 weeks, in that time, we have had an incredible amount of traffic to our marketplace (20,466 page views as of the writing of this) . I am developing a full-on multi-vendor marketplace as we speak, where sellers can have their own little shops and have automated checkout, and I'm trying to make it so that digital downloads are possible too!

To view the marketplace... CLICK HERE
I invite you to take a look at the amazing talent I have assembled. Their items can all be purchased right there in the listing ~ and buyers have protection built right into every transaction via paypal, even if you don't have a paypal account and want to pay with e-check or credit card! Buyer's financial info never is seen by us, so it's a completely secure shopping experience.

We ARE taking applications for makers , and I invite you to email me ...HERE
If you would like to be a part of our movement. We are looking for "fire in your belly" makers. People who are in pursuit of their dreams, and growing their small businesses. You have got to WANT success, and be relentless in going after it to be a part of this. We need people who are familiar with selling items online, and also familiar with social media on a variety of platforms (instagram, pinterest, facebook, twitter etc) . If you are up for the challenge, then please contact me as soon as you can, we have a limited number of spots open. It's an AWESOME opportunity, for the right people.