Thursday, November 3, 2016

There is Always Something To Be Thankful For

With the arrival of November, we turn our attention from Halloween to Thanksgiving! With the approach of Turkey Day , we not only look forward to that fabulous meal where we fill up our bellies with all the trimmings and that glorious bird we've waited all year for~ but we also gather with friends, and family to reflect upon all of the blessings and how fortunate we are.

As we turned the calendar, to the 11th month, the last few days my facebook news feed has been filled with "thankful posts" . My friends, have been sharing things they are appreciative of. Believe me, this year it is incredibly refreshing to read of all the nice things they have to say rather than dissenting political posts and negativity~ haha!

I thought I'd make a little list of some things I'm much obliged for:

1. The growing creative community of Gypsy Spoonful, we're growing slowly but surely every single day. We've added new members at a steady rate since our marketplace's official launch on October 7th.

2. The members of Gypsy Spoonful and their helpful, giving natures. They're always ready to lend a helping hand to each other. Whether it has to do with getting a new member assimilated to our  maker's group on Facebook, or helping a new member learn how to create their first listing in our marketplace. They're generous with their time, and it's truly becoming a community atmosphere. I love getting to know each and every one of them. I appreciate them individually and what they bring to the table as a group.

3. The development of the new multi-vendor website that is underway behind the scenes for Gypsy Spoonful. We didn't expect to need this new venue so quickly and it's just plain AWESOME! The functions we will have in the new marketplace, blog and discussion forum is going to be super. Right now we are using a blog format with each maker installing a "buy now" button rather than automated check out, and we will have all of those features built right in!

4. The fact that Gypsy Spoonful is truly serving a NEED in the Handmade community. So many people have told me this is going to be an overwhelming success because there is a void; and this network will meet it and then some.

5. I am designing / making again! I took and extended hiatus after dealing with some personal/family issues as well as health issues and a serious neck surgery last November at this time. I am doing well, personal and family issues have been resolved for the most part and my creative mojo has returned. It's funny, when you're dealing with stress and added physical pain how creativity seems to be the first thing to go, and the last thing to return. I feel really good about getting back in the studio~ and I seem to have hit my zone again. I'm cranking out some really cool designs, and am very pleased with the quality of creations I'm making. I feel free again, and I love stretching those creative muscles! I am listing my pdf patterns/ebooks that mentor fellow small business owners on my website as well as Craftsy and You Can Make this, and of course Gypsy Spoonful. My tangible designs have appeared in the markeplace and they're available for purchase. You can see all of my personal items that are on deck by clicking here.

I saw this video on you tube and wanted to share it with you as I feel it really hits the nail on the head as to why it is AWESOME to support handmade businesses, the makers if you will, won't you please take just a few minutes to view it? and then take a look at our maker's Thanksgiving listings below and make a purchase today? the photos and links are all hyperlinked to the individual listings and can be purchased directly from each maker. Thank you for supporting our new journey delving deeper into why we are THANKFUL to be able to be in business for ourselves , creatives in community!

FireFly Threads Crochet Football Hat Made to Order

Buttons n' Bolts lap sized Football Quilt

Fun & Festive Turkey Flower Bow From Bows and More by T

Happy Turkey Day Hair Bow by Bows and More by T

Crochet Turkey Hat (if this isn't the most fun & whimsical hat, I don't know what is, LOL!)

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